File Preparation Tips

Size - Always build your document the intended size of the finished product.

Bleed - Always extend elements that bleed, 1/8" (.125") past the finish size. This will be trimmed off after printing. Make sure your PDF file includes this extension.

Books - Always build books in single pages, never spread size. It's OK to have (2) 8.5" x 11" pages positioned beside one another, to view as a spread for designing, but never build the document as a 11" x 17".

Resolution - Suggested resolution for graphics is 300 ppi (pixels per inch). This is sufficient resolution to produce clear sharp graphics. Remember resolution is proportional to the size that the graphic is placed at in the design layout. A 300 ppi photo enlarged 200% becomes 150 ppi in the final output. Many soft subjects, like clouds, look fine at resolutions under 300 ppi, while sharp subjects, like silverware may have a rough and blurred look.

Safe Zone - Due to the minor variation in cutting and trimming tolerance, the safe zone describes an area inside the cut/trim line where you can be sure important text and graphics will not be trimmed. We request that you allow a 1/8" (.125") inside the trim line, on all sides, for the safe zone.  In the image below, the safe area is shown in white – make sure you keep all essential text and images in this space as anything in the blue area could be trimmed off.

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