Color Space

RGB = Red, Green, Blue
CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

All files in the RGB color space must be converted to CMYK color before printing
. The conversion process can cause color shifts in RGB colors not capable of being reproduced in the CMYK color space. We suggest you convert all graphics and colors to CMYK before creating your PDF files, so that the colors that you see on the screen most closely match the final printed product. If RGB files are submitted they will be automatically converted using the "GRACoL2006_Coated1v4" ICC profile, and colors in your printed product may vary slightly from the expected.

Spot Color
Colors created without screens or dots, such as those found in the Pantone Matching System®, are referred to in the industry as spot or solid colors. From a palette of 14 basic mixing colors, each of the spot colors in the Pantone Matching System is mixed according to its own unique ink mixing formula developed by Pantone. You probably mixed yellow and blue paint to get green in your youth. Creating a Pantone pot color is similar in concept, but with the added need for precision. Spot Color is typically not possible with digital printing, because the toners and inks are not available in spot colors. All spot colors must be converted to CMYK before printing on a digital press. Some converted spot colors match very close to solid ink, while others change considerably.  Please refer to a Pantone® Color Bridge™ guide which displays each Pantone Color and its corresponding simulation in CMYK, before selecting a color.

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